December 2010
Year End Edition:

We Built HoPE
With Each Brick…
With Each Sound…
With Each Morsel…
With Each Donation…
With Each Loving Gesture…

We had an amazing year…all thanks to YOU!
2010 was an incredible year for Tripura Foundation. Thanks to your generous contributions, we helped thousands of deserving individuals with our programs. Here are just a few highlights we’d like to share with you as we ring in the New Year together!

  • Tripura HoPE Town Program

With your incredible support, we built 30 beautiful new homes for families previously dwelling in abject poverty and slum conditions in Manila, Philippines. This first HoPE Towns to be completed touched the lives of over 120 residents and hundreds of volunteers, all who contributed to the effort. Tripura provided provision packages containing one week’s groceries for 200 families at the HoPETown opening ceremony.

  • Girlstown, Boystown & Education Programs

Tripura Foundation

With your help, Tripura provided year-round residential housing to 35 underprivileged girls at our Girlstown facility and 50 underprivileged boys at our Boystown facility. In addition to the children’s traditional schooling, we provided over 900 sessions of supplemental educational programs, including Mind-Sound Technology, Grace Light empowerment, values formation, creative arts projects, and other mindfulness and meditation practices.

  • Poverty & Hunger Relief Programs
Tripura Foundation

Through your generosity, Tripura provided meals to over 24,000 spiritual pilgrims at Mt. Arunachala in Thirvanamalai, India. In addition, we provided hundreds of meals to homeless people in the U.S. and India, through the efforts of our devoted staff as well as our Indian partner Arul Jyoti Trust. We also held Medical Camps for remote Indian villages to deliver much-needed medical services and, with your help, we hope to expand this program in 2011.

  • Animal Aid Programs
Tripura Foundation

We are proud to deliver animal relief programs through selected Indian grantees, including Animal Aid and Blue Cross of India. Tripura provided meals, twice daily, to an average of 160 dogs, 40 cows, 40 donkeys, 4 monkeys, 10 cats, and 30 birds (wow, that’s a lot of tiny mouths!)…for a total of 2,750 individual meals.

  • Spiritual Well-being Programs at our Retreat Center
Tripura Foundation

Given the essential role of consciousness transformation in all Tripura program offerings, our Retreat Center in San Diego (and satellite in San Rafael) are important delivery centers for our transformational tools and models. In 2010, we led over 400 community gatherings (in-person and teleconference) involving over 10,000 people worldwide. We also performed over 1140 sacred ceremonies, including fire rituals, prayers and blessings to benefit humanity in the areas of planetary peace, global prosperity and abundance, personal and environmental health, social justice, and human evolution.

As you can see, 2010 was an incredible year. Thank you so much for your support! Please remember Tripura Foundation for your year-end giving. We deeply appreciate your contributions – your kind generosity will help us expand our programs even further in 2011.

From all of us here at Tripura Foundation, we wish you a joyous, healthy and prosperous New Year!

Peace & Warmth,
The Tripura Team