Tripura Foundation has 101 Centers currently operating in some of the poorest areas in India.
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Stories of Hope



Vigneshwarn, in 9th grade, comes from a home with an alcoholic father. He was emotionally troubled and not able to concentrate on his studies. Our mentors noticed this and decided to help him lessen this problem. They gave him a special role in the team that distributes monthly food and supply rations to poor elderly villagers. It was his first experience helping others and he quickly stated how great it was to be able to give something to someone else. Rather than feel powerless, he now feels empowered because he realizes that he too has much to give. HoPE Learning Centers not only help children like Vigneshwam, they also empower them as champions within their communities!

Featured Program

Project SAVE

Santhanalakshmi is one of many amazing young Tripura hope hero's from the Trichy area in India. Early one morning she and two of her classmates were bathing in a river near their village. Suddenly two of the girls were swept away by the strong current and had been pulled down stream. Santhanalakshmi quickly realised what has happened, swam to her friends to try to rescue them. Their legs had been buried in some sand below. She began digging the sand away to free her friends and after nearly ten minutes of diving under water and digging away the sand she was able to free both her friends and help them to safety.

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We've put together this video to illustrate our 2014 accomplishments and to say thank you.
As a way of saying THANK YOU to all of you who have shared your great love and generosity for Tripura Foundation.

It is our wish to build on last year’s success to make 2015 an even more uplifting, poverty-ending year of HoPE for all.

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