Simple act of compassion

Tripura Foundation energizes with HoPE. We share science-based, transformational tools through educational programs that activate the highest potential of people oppressed by poverty. The result? Empowered children, inspired families and uplifted communities who open doors to a world of peace, love and prosperity for all.


Stories of Hope




Sarala was born and raised in a poor single-income family. If nothing changed, she would end up living a tough life, much like her parents. In 2005 she came to one of our Hope Centers. Phonemic Intelligence (P.I.) gave her the ability to make a shift from total poverty to recently acquiring her BSc Degree in Computer Science. We're happy to report that she is currently working on her Masters Degree at a prestigious college in Chennai and that thousands of other children will soon benefit from P.I.

Hope Highlights


Our HoPE Center children never cease to amaze us. They are bright, caring, sharing and all about helping others in need. There are so many colorful stories of their extraordinary compassionate acts in 2013. It's miraculous that we were able to narrow them down to three. Learn more about the extraordinary compassion of the winner and the two runners up READ MORE

Featured Program


Modern science tells us that even those considered to be geniuses are only using around 15% of their brain's full potential, and those on the lower end of the scale a mere 3%. BUT, the good news is that science also says our brains can be changed, and that's where Phonemic Intelligence comes in. It's a program that is the essence of 25 years of Dr. Pillai's research to create the most powerful, impactful, yet simplest way to change the brain. It is also being used to strengthen the brain of poor children in India, Mexico and the U.S.A. click here to learn more.

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