Diwali is the the biggest Hindu Holiday of the calendar year. Make this day a special, memorable one to a child who might otherwise go to bed feeling hungry and forgotten. Make a difference in the life of a child this holiday. For just $15, we give a dress or outfit and traditional Diwali sweets to each child, and 3 elderly in the community.


Stories of Hope


Help Preynitha Realize Her Dream

Preynitha was seven when she and her brother were left with their grandmother. When their grandmother was no longer physically able to work, the duty fell on Preynitha to support her family. She began work as a maid. Her health suffered as she skipped meals so her grandmother and brother could eat. This made it hard for her to study, too.
She felt great relief when she was introduced to one of Tripura Foundation’s HoPE Learning Centers. With our support, she is able to enjoy a healthy snack every day and concentrate better on her studies. Preynitha’s dream is to be a doctor so she can heal sick people.
Help us help children like Preynitha realize their dreams, by sponsoring a HoPE Learning Center for $350 a month.



HoPE for Chennai

The Chennai Flood Disaster has created devastation for the poor of Chennai and surrounding areas. We are in the midst of relief efforts daily- we have already served almost 1000 hot meals to stranded and hungry people in Chennai and surrounding villages. We are actively distributing weekly food provisions, clothes, blankets, sleeping mats to hundreds of families in the communities of our HoPE Centers, whose huts have been destroyed.
After the critical needs of food, clothing and bedding are met, we will be identifying the most devastated families for vocational rehabilitation.
All donations of any amount are greatly appreciated and urgently needed. To donate, please click here and use the donation drop-down "HoPE for Chennai".

Give Back

United Nations ECOSOC Accreditation

As a leader in on-the-ground efforts to eradicate extreme poverty in the world, Tripura Foundation is proud to announce our recent accreditation as a consulting non-governmental organization to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).
We are excited for this great opportunity to further advocate on behalf of all the people we serve throughout the world.