PI School Program Updates During COVID 19

Tripura’s PI School Program for the 2019-2020 academic year completed successfully– reaching over 31,000 children across four states (Goa, Maharashtra, Pune, Sindhudurg in India.)  The program ended just before the Government of India’s mandate to close all schools to prevent the spread of COVID 19. We are currently gathering data, and psychometric post-tests are being scored, tabulated,… Read More ›

Sachin is a Living Example of The Success of Positive Perspective

The Key to Turn Struggle to Success   The resilience of the human spirit lives in the ability to turn struggle into success. While it might be challenging to adopt a positive perspective when life feels difficult – this one choice could be the key to achieving extraordinary goals. A Living Example Sachin is a living example of the success… Read More ›

What does Nagaraj Have On His Mind?

Nagaraj has something on his mind- food for himself and his family. While he doesn’t know it, hunger may be changing the way Nagaraj’s brain develops. Children like Nagaraj are at a serious disadvantage for learning and high school graduation. Here’s why. Behavior Modification Hunger leads to stress, which modifies behavior and changes pathways in the… Read More ›

Empowering Our Brain is the Easiest Way to Achieve Anything

Hope Hero Teacher Spotlight   “I wake up every day eager to do what it takes to share PI- and to make sure it becomes a part of every student and teacher’s life.” Yadira Valle Hernandez, Teacher, PI School Program, Mexico Yadira Shares… “5 years ago, the PI school program was brought to my children’s school. It was something… Read More ›

Phonemic Intelligence techniques make changing children personality possible

Founder of Tripura Foundation Bhaskar Pillai said do not blame your children if they fail in mathematics. Their brain is responsible not the children. But, he said that their personality can be completely changed by developing the brain. Pillai was speaking on the topic on Phonemic Intelligence at Shrinivas Dempo College of Commerce and Economics… Read More ›