Empowering Our Brain is the Easiest Way to Achieve Anything

Hope Hero Teacher Spotlight


“I wake up every day eager to do what it takes to share PI- and to make sure it becomes a part of every student and teacher’s life.”

Yadira Valle Hernandez, Teacher, PI School Program, Mexico

Yadira Shares…

“5 years ago, the PI school program was brought to my children’s school. It was something I’ve never seen before. It was amazing to have something like that in a public school.

I had just finished my schooling in Education Sciences, so this was something I wanted to become part of- and I did!

We have been sharing PI with thousands of children, receiving in return, their growth. It fills my heart to see how the children become brighter! They share with me heart-melting stories and show their appreciation for PI.

Teachers and principals now recognize the PI as the outstanding technology it is. I am so proud and thankful to be part of this.

I am convinced that empowering our brain is the easiest way to achieve anything!”

Become a Change Agent

If you have been privileged to experience a dedicated teacher in your life, please join us in celebrating the extraordinary teachers who make our programs possible.

One passionate teacher can change hundreds of children’s lives.

Support a teacher and become a part of these transformational change agents.


Expanding Job Opportunity

Teachers in our Hope Learning Centers usually come from the same small rural villages as the children the center serves. Beating the odds to obtain their education, teachers face additional challenges when there are no jobs within traveling distance from their village.

Support a teacher => Give a job opportunity to those in the greatest need


Living Examples of Hope

When a woman from a rural village is able to find work as a teacher, she becomes a living example of someone who has successfully reached beyond her poverty roots. Each day, she influences dozens or even hundreds of children’s lives giving them hope for a bright future.

Support a teacher => Unlock hope for a life outside of poverty for dozens of children

Teaching a One-of-a-Kind Solution

Tripura teachers are trained to practice and deliver Phonemic Intelligence in Hope Learning Centers or the PI School Program. We receive ongoing reports of the transformational results of PI. Our teachers offer a one-of-a-kind solution that creates sustainable change for entire communities.

Support a teacher => Become a part of the PI movement that’s transforming lives


Sponsor a Teacher

Sponsor a teacher for just $150/mo and become a regular supporter of education. 100% of your support goes to the teaching costs of Hope Learning Center and PI School programs.

Your gift changes the destiny of a teacher and dozens (or hundreds) of children.

Or, give a one-time gift to make sure teachers receive the training and supplies they need.

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