What does Nagaraj Have On His Mind?

Nagaraj has something on his mind- food for himself and his family.

While he doesn’t know it, hunger may be changing the way Nagaraj’s brain develops.

Children like Nagaraj are at a serious disadvantage for learning and high school graduation. Here’s why.

Behavior Modification

Hunger leads to stress, which modifies behavior and changes pathways in the brain- affecting decision making and the ability to perceive risks.

Feed a Child in a Hope Learning Center



Delayed Development

Hunger delays development on the cognitive, social, and emotional level. This includes reading, language, attention, memory, and problem-solving capabilities.

Feed a Child in a Hope Learning Center



Lack of Focus

Hunger hinders the ability to focus, study, and absorb the material. Children who experience early childhood hunger are more likely to perform poorly academically and struggle to pass tests.

Feed a Child in a Hope Learning Center



Lower IQ

Studies show those faced with childhood hunger tend to have less developed brain matter than well-nourished children. A less developed brain leads to lower IQ.

Feed a Child in a Hope Learning Center




Thanks to supporters like you, Nagaraj was able to find a solution at his Hope Learning Center. All of Tripura’s Hope Learning Centers address the link between hunger and learning by providing nutritious mini-meals six days a week.

Just $100/mo supports an entire Hope Learning Center (40 children) with much-needed nutrition for learning and development.

No gift is too small. We stretch every dollar to provide as many meals as possible.


Feed a Child = Help Them Learn