Pandi Selvi’s Deep Love for Children

A Story of Love

Pandi Selvi’s story begins with her deep love for children. Driven by her passion to support her village’s children, she pursued her education to become a certified school teacher. She has been lucky to find a job teaching in a small village school.

As Pandi matured, she married and became a dedicated mother to her now 3 yr old daughter. But an unfortunate health crisis left her husband suffering from kidney disease and unable to work.



A Life-Saving Opportunity

Without her husband’s income, Pandi’s job was not enough to meet the families needs for food and basic necessities. Thanks to your support, Pandi has an opportunity to supplement her income by teaching after school at a Hope Learning Center in Kunnathur.


The Harsh Reality of Village Life

Her village’s population consists mostly of uneducated alcoholics fathers with unruly behavior. They spend their free time throwing stones to break the light bulbs in the village center that allow the after school program to run smoothly into the night.



Unwavering Commitment

But Pandi Selvi’s unwavering commitment to give her village children a proper education cannot be broken. For four years, she has been brave enough to push past the obstacles. With the help of the local Electricity Board, the light bulbs are replaced and the center is protected by the villagers who rally to support her. She spends her evenings at the center giving hope to the other mothers that their children will receive a good education with her.


Enthusiasm Brings Hope

We applaud Pandi Selvi’s contagious enthusiasm for her work. A beloved teacher, her students know her to be stern but kind. They look forward to coming to the center each day to see her and can see and feel the positive changes she’s inspired in her village.



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