Varshini’s Ambitions Depend On Nutrition

Varshini’s Ambitions Depend On Nutrition

Varshini’s parents are illiterate and cannot not help him with his studies. His lessons on Yoga and Phonemic Intelligence have been very helpful to his development, in fact he is now helping his friends with their studies as well.

He is also grateful for the mini-meals he gets at school so he can concentrate on his work instead of being distracted by a hungry tummy.

Varshini says his ambition is to become Civil Servant so one day he will be able to help the poor and downtrodden. He feels that as an IAS Officer he would have lot of opportunities to serve the people and make their lives better.

But those aspirations can seem distant for millions of kids who are facing hunger. Children who have gone hungry at least once in their lives are 2 1/2 times more likely to suffer long-term adverse health effects than those who had proper nutrition.

On the plus, we at Tripura Foundation annually serve almost a million mini-meals to poor children at our HoPE Learning Centers. Many of these children otherwise subsist on watery rice, so the mini-meals offer more in nutrition than food during the remainder of their days.

Take Action! Help eliminate hunger! Sponsor a HoPE Center child (for only $9 a month) or an entire HoPE Learning Center (for $360 a month)! Your modest contribution will uplift the lives and destinies of our future leaders!