Summertime Success

Summertime Success

Q: What do HoPE Center children do during the long hot days of summer?

A: They learn new trades while building confidence and social skills alongside their friends!

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are some pictures of our bright future leaders taking summer crash courses in photography and other subjects…

Photography continues to be one of the most popular summer workshops among our thriving young.

Agriculture is essential to the lives and livelihoods of many young people and their parents in rural India. So, this workshop is quite well received.


The Arts and Crafts workshops allow young masters opportunities to make items of beauty and utility out of recycled materials.

Aerocraft design may sound like a frivolous elective, but it helps young minds develop skills essential to STEM programs, like engineering.


Karate is one of the newest summer workshop offerings and it is already quite popular.

Pottery is a skill that is useful for acquiring life-long income in many regions in India, so this workshop is popular with children who are considering working near their home villages.

In addition to the essential year-around academic support that HoPE Learning Centers provide, programs like these summer crash course workshops offer physical, mental, emotional and social development opportunities that give these children even more if an edge to survive and thrive in life. You can play an important part in all of this by sponsoring a child, some children or an entire HoPE Learning Center during the months of summer or for an entire year!