Yoga, Poetry, Newspapers and Inspiration!

Yoga, Poetry, Newspapers and Inspiration!

Ilakuvathi is a middle school student in Kannambakkam, a small village on the Eastern coast of the Bay of Bengal in Tamil Nadu, India. She lives with her parents and an elder sister. They are not a wealthy family. Both parents work long hours, taking all manual labor jobs available.

Ilakuvathi long worried about her father who drank too much and often became sick. So, she convinced him to do Yoga exercises with her. He has not yet given up alcoholic beverages, but his health has improved.

Hope Center teachers appreciate Ilakuvathi’s good behavior and positive attitude. She is a talented poet who inspires everyone around her with her writings. She also always looks for ways to be helpful to others and is willing to help people in need within her village.

These teachers support her and other remarkable children by actively monitoring their progress to help ensure that they will earn high marks and learn the skills they will need to succeed in many areas of life. For example, the childhood literacy rate in Kannambakkam is only 60%, so the teachers initiated regular classes in newspaper reading to make sure that the children learn about current events in their nation and state, while also learning how to read at high levels.

When you hear stories about kids like Ilakuvathi and her classmates, it is easy to see how valuable your contributions to HoPE Learning Centers can be. Won’t you invest in these bright young minds today?