Hope Goa Takes Off!

Hope Goa Takes Off!

In March, we shared great news that we continue to celebrate – Dr. Pillai’s Phonemic Intelligence Program will transform the hearts, minds and lives of 21,450 students within all 781 Goan government schools.

Last week, we set that news into action. On June 15, the Hope Goa Project officially launched!

Due to the results of a successful pilot project within 20 government schools, teachers and principals reported (via Psychometric test data) that PI has a significant role in improving student’s logic, creative thinking, decision making and behavior. We also discovered a 35% reduction in failing grades.

This is very important because these children often struggle with fears of being beaten up by parents or watching their fathers drink. They receive little guidance from home and even go without meals. Many have difficulties mastering Math, Science and English. Even if they excel in other subjects, they need these basics or they will likely drop out of school and continue in familial cycles of poverty working low-income jobs or substance abuse/ addiction.

Next steps? We need to continue to raise $180,000 USD to pay educators and acquire basic supplies. This is very small amount to make such a tremendous social and economic impact possible. Join in and help us end cycles of poverty for the future leaders that will create Heaven on Planet Earth!

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