“I experienced beautiful happy, joyful energy in exchange for my donation to the Food For All Centers initiative”.

“I experienced beautiful happy, joyful energy in exchange for my donation to the Food For All Centers initiative”.

I feel so enormously grateful that I have the financial ability to make a donation to Tripura and the Food For All Centers initiative and to make a difference to people’s life.

 I always try to focus on being grateful throughout the day and feeling positive but taking action like this feels even more expansive – it’s a feeling of gratitude and joy from my soul. It made me feel really tearful, happy-tearful; that feeling where you’re so happy and joyful that the emotion makes tears flow but you’re smiling with happiness at the same time. I’ve been walking about feeling So very grateful for everything in my life and waking up smiling and feeling it too.

 And I’m so filled with gratitude knowing that the donation I made will impact so many other souls through a meal, and via the love infused in the food. I can’t even explain how beautiful the feeling is. I’m deeply thankful to Dr. Pillai for making my life so fulfilling over the years that I’m at a point where I can help others financially through the abundance I’ve gained.

 Money, all forms of service and donations are energetic exchanges and I felt the beautiful happy, joyful energy I received in exchange for my donation. NO better gift in the world.

 I know that my donation is not huge in the big scheme of things, but I believe every little step and every little act by each one of us contributes to a better world for all.

 We should all recognise our contributions, big or small. Whether donating money or physical items, using our skills to help, simply being kind, helping someone out, sharing what we have… all are forms of wealth and we should enjoy the feelings of abundant joy that we receive in return.


 Join Dr. Pillai’s work to end world hunger and suffering and experience the heartfelt joy of giving!

We warmly invite you or your business to sponsor hot meals for deserving souls. Experience the joy of giving and receiving blessings for you and your clients! You will receive monthly updates with photos of the deserving souls who receive your love and acts of kindness.

 $38 serves 200 hot meals at our Food For All Centers in Madurai, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka State. Sponsor hot meals by making a donation here:


 Contact our Donor Relations Manager if you have questions about sponsorship for you or your business on: contact@tripurafoundation.org