Entrepreneurship | Supporting Independence for Hope Children!

Entrepreneurship | Supporting Independence for Hope Children!

Supporting Independence for Hope Children!
Shilpa Navenkar

“We aim to support Hope children to be independent, broaden their horizons, and inspire them by sharing knowledge and opportunities for a better life. This month, we introduced entrepreneurship, how to identify an idea, how to create and build their dreams. We invited guest speakers and experienced entrepreneurs to share their experiences and inspiration with the children.”
–Shilpa Navenkar, Program Director, Hope Learning Stations

We are taking Hope children on a journey to support their independence and confidence through our Student Entrepreneurship Project. Children who live in remote villages experience barriers to opportunities and lack knowledge of how to create a better life. For our Hope leaders, entrepreneurship can bring a variety of self-employment opportunities in the future and lift them out of the cycle of poverty.

Read inspiring stories of Hope and how children are uncovering their dreams and feeling empowered!

Gamit Nancy Is Inspired To Start A Food Business!

Gamit Nancy Is Inspired To Start A Food Business!
Gamit Nancy Nikhil is a 12-year-old girl studying in class 7 at Hope Learning Station Zhankari. She lives with her parents and younger sister. Her parents are engaged in farming activities and care for the family with whatever they earn.
Nancy loves cooking and helps her mother while cooking. Sometimes, during her free time, she watched cooking videos on her father’s mobile and tried to cook on her own. She always witnessed her parents working hard in the fields and wished to help her father in whatever way possible.
During the Hope Leadership Program through the Student Entrepreneurship Project, her teacher explained the concept of Entrepreneurship in the class. Her teacher also mentioned some of the Entrepreneurship fields one can enter into. Nancy got the idea to start her food business in the future, and this was the moment that inspired her to turn her dream into a business idea!
However, she needed to learn how to start the business or the difficulties she would face while starting her food business. Under the Student Entrepreneurship Project, she got to know various sets of skills and multiple ideas on how she can get started. She also learned about the Government support she can get to start her business. During the task, she gathered information about her needs and prepared a beautiful collage reflecting her dream.
Her parents are proud of her and how, at her age, she wishes to uplift her family’s economic condition. The Student Entrepreneurship Project has motivated her and will help her fight against all the upcoming barriers she will face while starting her business.
She is deeply thankful to the Tripura Foundation and Hope Lead Student Leadership Program for helping her to make her dream a reality.
Vanshika’s Dream is to be One of the Best Fashion Designers!
Vanshika’s Dream is to be One of the Best Fashion Designers!
Vanshika is a student of Hope Learning Station Tariyah Suglan. She is studying in 8th standard. She lives with her parents and two siblings. Her mother is a housewife, and her father is blind in one eye and works as a laborer in the village. They go through many hardships in managing and looking after the family.
Vanshika is a timid girl and prefers to be alone most of the time. She is very hardworking and punctual. Her creativity flows through any activity she participates in.
In her free time, she used to look at the newspaper and collect paper cuttings of designer clothes. She also likes to draw the designs of dresses. Vanshika always dreamed of becoming a successful fashion designer but looking at her family situation, she had never shared her dream with anyone.
During the Student Entrepreneurship Project, she learned about the Entrepreneurship concept, and that was the very first time she spoke about her dream with her teacher. Through this project, she got the hope and confidence to start her boutique in the future, where she will sell her designs.
She says that once she completes her school studies, she will apply for admission to the fashion design course and learn about designing. After completing her course, through incentives provided by the Government, she wishes to start her small boutique in her village. She hopes to expand her business and start her boutique in different locations. She also says that she will work hard to complete her dream.
In the future, she wants to see herself as one of the best designers in the fashion industry. She is happy and grateful to participate in this Student Entrepreneurship Project.
You can give hope to a child in need and provide the opportunity for them to bring their dreams to life!
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