Hope Superstar, Vidhit | PI Practice Helped Me to Stay Calm, Focused, and Dissipated my Anger.

Hope Superstar, Vidhit | PI Practice Helped Me to Stay Calm, Focused, and Dissipated my Anger.

Vidhit Arun Rasam is studying in standard 8th at Shree Bhagwati High School Munage. He lives with his parents, brother, and grandmother. His parents work on farms and earn little money from which they manage to take care of their family.

When Vidhit joined HLS, he was very mischievous and aggressive.

Also, he used to talk back to the teachers. He didn’t complete any of his assigned homework and was inattentive in class. Slowly as days passed, his teacher started noticing significant changes in Vidhit. For example, Vidhit slowly began sitting quietly without disturbing anyone in class. He also learned to treat everyone at HLS with respect and politeness and stopped talking back. His teacher was very surprised with these drastic changes she saw in Vidhit. She credited Vidhit’s incredible transformation to his daily, regular PI practice.

The PI practice helped him to stay calm and focused, and dissipated his anger.

Today, Vidhit is a very enthusiastic and happy child at HLS. He says that he loves the lessons in the HLS’s Personal Transformation Program (PTP). He especially loves PTP lessons on appearance, because they give him simple and easy tips to be neat and clean and look smart every day.  He is always excited to participate in all the leadership activities.

He has learned the true meaning of compassion, and he serves through the Hope lead program.

Vidhit is grateful for all the love and care he received at the Hope Learning Station. He will always cherish the time he spends with his lovely friends at HLS.  

Through HLS classes, Vidhit not only improved substantially in his academics and manner, he also successfully transformed himself into a more compassionate and responsible person.

Vidhit, we are very proud of you! Way to go! We are looking forward to seeing you being a leader in and be of service to your community.

 As we enter the season of giving, we invite you to give to those suffering from daily hunger and lack of essentials. Your love and support can give hope for another day.

Hope for the Holidays: Be an Angel of Hope for an elder or child in need!