Hope Superstar Bassava | I Regained My Self-Confidence & Flourished with the Love shown at Hope Station

Hope Superstar Bassava | I Regained My Self-Confidence & Flourished with the Love shown at Hope Station

Bassava Upashi is studying in standard 6th at Government High School Ashok Nagar. She lives with her parents and two elder sisters. Her parents are engaged in daily wage work. They manage to look after their three girls and ensure the three sisters attend school. This is very difficult for the family, given the parents’ small wages. Regardless of their hardships, Bassava’s parents have high hopes for their children and want them to study hard. Bassava wishes to fulfill her parent’s dreams for her and is ready to work hard to reach her goal.

Bassava was very weak in her studies when she first joined HLS. She was also very under-confident.

 Never knowing her abilities, she was too scared even to ask the teacher questions about her school work. Fortunately, her caring teacher noticed her hesitancy and ensured Bassava would never feel uncomfortable in a teacher’s presence. This teacher paid particular attention to Bassava and always ensured she felt free to ask questions or communicate with other teachers and children in HLS. Bassava flourished under her teacher’s love and affection. She became motivated to participate in all activities in HLS.

With regular PI practice, she regained her self-confidence.

The PI practice also helped her to focus regularly on her studies and improve her academics. Today, Bassava says she is blessed to be a part of the HLS family. She enjoys every festival with her class friends and has fun with them through the various activities provided by HLS.

 Now, she is a confident child who always finds ways to help people around her.

The student’s leadership task is her favourite activity because it allows her to lend a helping hand to those in need.

Bassava is a beautiful example of how the affection and warmth of the kind-hearted and generous teachers at HLS can help children grow and motivate them to improve daily. As the children learn to be their best, their transformations also affect the lives of people around them.

Great job, Bassava! You have achieved so much in such a short time. You are indeed a Hope Superstar.

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