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Hope For Holidays

Be an Angel of Hope for a Child or Senior in Need

Elaine Keuper, Tripura Global Director
Dr. Pillai teaches that the number one way you can make change in your life is to give that to someone else. When you give to the poor, and when you remove their suffering, you remove your suffering. It’s a secret that works really effectively and it gives so much joy and happiness. It’s really the gift that keeps giving.
– Elaine Keuper, Tripura Global Director

Give Hope for the Holidays

As we enter the season of giving, we invite you to give to those suffering from daily hunger and lack of essentials. Your love and support can give hope for another day. Here are some ways to be an Angel of Hope for someone in need.

Hope Gift Bundles

Holiday Hot Meals for the Hungry | $9

  • 45 hot meals through Food For All

Holiday Hope Station Supplies | $18

  • 1 Chalkboard, chalk, eraser
  • 1 Bottle of sanitizer
  • Writing paper & colored pencils
  • Teachers academic log book & student worksheets

Holiday Child Essentials | $25

  • 1 Each: toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, hair oil, soap
  • 1 Pair of sturdy sandals
  • 2 Notebooks
  • 1 Month of Hope Station support with daily mini-meals

Holiday Senior Essentials | $60

  • 1 Month Food Kit: dried chickpea, rice, spices, cooking oil
  • 1 Blanket or sleeping mat (depending on need)
  • 1 Each: toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, hair oil, soap

Holiday Grand Feeding in Honor of a Loved One | $350

  • Choose a donation amount $350+
  • Serve 1 hot protein-packed meal for $0.77
  • Meals are served during Dr. Pillai’s Birthstar on December 18 or January 14 (Vedic Winter Solstice)

Alternatively, if you’d like to make a gift to the General Fund, we’ll assure your donation is applied where there is the greatest need this holiday season.

Dr. Pillai
Compassion is just love. Compassion for other people, love, is the greatest transformational energy. There is no power greater than love. Compassionate people overflow with love.
– Dr. Pillai