Hope Elders Receive Hope for The Elderly Rationing Kits

Hope Elders Receive Hope for The Elderly Rationing Kits

Periyakka is a recipient of the Hope for the Elderly rationing kits for the past two years. She is about 82 years old, widowed, and has two daughters and one son. Periyakka’s second daughter is her main caretaker, which is especially important for Periyakka’s increasing needs.

Periyakka’s Medical Condition

Periyakka suffers from severe osteoporosis, which causes pain and challenges with her posture. The upper part of her spine has an excessive curvature that results in her stooped posture, which has continued to decline over the last couple of years. Periyakka also experiences severe back pain with knee pain during the night time, which causes her to lose sleep.

Periyakka’s government doctor has said that it is too late to improve her posture considering her health conditions and quality of lifestyle. She was prescribed medications to ease her pain as she cannot undergo any surgical intervention nor her body support any physical therapy.

As of late, Periyakka is experiencing difficulty ambulating around, and she prefers to sit most of the day or lie down for comfort. With the advancement of her age, Periyakka’s vision and hearing loss is getting worse, and she prefers nonverbal communication. Her daughter cooks food with the help of Hope for the Elderly rationing kits provided. She feeds her mother and nurses her needs.

Periyakka and her daughter receiving Hope for the Elderly rationing kits.Periyakka's daughter helping Periyakka.Periyakka receiving hope for the elderly rationing kits from a Hope student

At the time of rationing, Periyakka expressed to our Hope volunteer that, “The kit serves as a lifeline for me as it provides all necessities that any elderly would need. I wish for nothing but to spend my last days in peace.”

Support more Elders like Periyakka

With sleep disorders on the rise for seniors worldwide, it is crucial to help them experience a positive quality of life in their senior years. This month Hope rationing kits are including mats for the elderly. Sponsors can take part in our campaign by clicking here.