Dharma Dharini Sponsor Spotlight 2022

Dharma Dharini Sponsor Spotlight 2022

GIVING FOR HOPE: A Sponsor Spotlight

Written by Dharma Dharini, Hope for the Elderly Sponsor 

A year or so ago following a vision of Goddess Dhumavati, I signed up to sponsor an elder. I marvel at times how two people oceans away are in a relationship born of a vision. Of all the people on Earth our paths crossed. 

Last night I reread the Tripura quarterly report and as a result there was tremendous insight and a shift in consciousness. The report is as follows:

“Ms. S considers herself more blessed than anyone else as she now has received support from the donor. When she received the ration kit, she said that her life was full of problems and tension in the past. But today, it’s all over. Now there is only happiness. She doesn’t receive sympathy for her life as she is confident, and people show respect towards her rather than sympathy.”

Reread the last sentence. “She does not receive sympathy for her life……”

So many seek sympathy. There have been times I just wanted Coyote to listen to me, hold me and say “Awwww.” Not fix anything or take action-just sympathy. 

Yet on some level seeking sympathy is having others feel bad (or suffer) for you. If enlightenment truly is the liberation of suffering (arising from ignorance), this is spreading misery. It does not annihilate the suffering it just seems to disperse it-move it around a bit. 

So here is this lady who has had a very rough life and is very happy to be liberated from sympathy. While mankind for the most part most seeks it. Most would say receiving sympathy is a good thing. There are even cards. 

To see this stunned me, then broke and freed something in me. 

That said, I would recommend elder sponsorship through Tripura to any seeker of transformation and enlightenment. 

You could go to mountaintops, temples, monasteries, fast, pray, yell the names of chakras for 20 years and not receive such insight and the resulting transformation from this one simple sentence. 

Liberation from sympathy – it should be a sermon. 

You never know where you will find a guru. 

With Love,

Dharma Dharini, Hope for the Elderly Sponsor

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