A Vision of Hope Realized – Meet Dr. Karthik: Example and Leader for Hope Children

A Vision of Hope Realized – Meet Dr. Karthik: Example and Leader for Hope Children

Mr. Karthik is a living example of perseverance and hope. Karthik comes from an agricultural family in rural India. His parents struggled to provide for their two children and give them a proper education. But Karthik was determined to overcome the challenges he faced during his childhood and decided to dedicate himself to his studies.

After completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics, Karthik joined Tripura’s Hope Learning Centers as a mentor. He set aside as much of his wages as possible for his higher education.

During his work, the Hope Coordinator, Mr. Krishnarajan, gave him lots of encouragement which kept Karthik motivated to pursue his dreams. Karthik eventually went on to pursue a Master’s Degree.

While furthering his education, Kartik took a day-time position as an assistant professor in the Electronics and Communication Department at KG College in Coimbatore. During the evenings, Kartik dedicated his time to teaching Pachapalayam’s Hope Children.

Hope children with Dr. Karthik

Supporting the Children Through the Pandemic

During the pandemic, Kartik gave his all by supporting Hope Children to continue their studies while staying home through a transition to virtual classrooms. He interacted with children through mobile phones to support their mental health, emotional well-being, and academic progress. His initiatives allowed Hope Children to thrive during these difficult times, stay engaged in their studies, and have fun.

This year, Karthik successfully completed his ninth year working at Hope Centers as a tutor. He encourages every batch of outgoing Hope Center students to pursue their studies and graduate. The students look up to him because he was once like them.

Role Model to Our Hope Children

Because of his commitment, Karthik completed his Ph.D. in the Thin Film Technology, Solar Cell Application program. He was honored with a doctoral degree by the Governor of Tamil Nadu, Mr. R. N. Ravi, in May 2022.

Dr. Karthik receving the Ph.D

Karthik encourages children to identify their goals and turn their dreams into passions. He expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to serve others through Tripura Foundation.

We are so proud to call Karthik a member of the Tripura Family.  He is a shining example of hope, love, and leadership, changing the world for the better.