Hope Learning Center’s Aspiring Pastry Chef

When Krishnaveni first joined her local Hope Learning Center, she did not know how to read even a single line in English, and she struggled with her studies.  After a year-long effort taken on by the Hope Learning Center mentors, Krishnaveni is able to pass all her subjects.

For any event announced at the Hope Learning Center, Krishnaveni volunteers herself and earnestly gets into full swing to prepare for the event, whether it is oratorical, competition, or arts and crafts related.

Though a small girl, Krishnaveni shows great interest in preparing different kinds of food.  She watches cooking shows on TV and tries cooking at home. Krishnaveni says she likes cakes and muffins very much, and last year her maternal uncle took her to a bakery shop and bought cakes and muffins for her to eat.

Krishnaveni aspires to run a pastry shop of her own.