Madhan: From Mischief to a Passion for Art

Madhan is a mischievous 7th grade boy. He has two younger siblings and his parents work as laborers in the city.  In the past, after coming home from school, Madhan would play with his brother and sister. Their playing often ended up with them quarrelling. Madhan would get furious and would sometimes beat them up.

He would waste his time by watching television in the neighborhood and would never read his daily lessons or do his homework. His parents, Sabeena and Yesuraj, were very worried about him. Through a friend, Yesuraj came to know about our HoPE Learning Center in their town, and enrolled Madhan right away. Initially, Madhan was reluctant to come to the center, but he quickly made friends and came to at least chat with them.

Then our center teachers gradually helped Mohan understand the importance of studies and made sure he read his daily lessons and did his homework properly.

Now, after attending the HoPE Learning Center for one year, Mohan enjoys drawing and craft work, which he learned during our center’s monthly activities. He is now learning technical aspects of drawing and his grades have much improved.

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