Hope Learning Centers Instill Confidence and Responsibility

Arunkumar (Arun) is in the 6th grade.  He astonished his schoolteachers and parents by getting good scores in all subjects on his last term exams.

Before joining his local Hope Learning Center, he had no interest in studies.  Instead of studying, he used to play after school hours, simply wiling away the time pelting stones at a mango tree and returning home late without bothering to complete his homework or any assignments given to him.

Arun’s parents were in distress until they learned about the Hope Learning Center in their village. They decided to give it a try and signed their son up to join the center.  Hope teachers grabbed his attention regarding his studies by creating a timetable for him to complete them.  Teachers also gave him worksheets to complete after each lesson, as well as some responsibilities at the center itself.

All of this guidance has helped Arun tremendously and the result is good marks in all subjects. Arun now understands his capabilities and is confident that he too can go to college for higher studies.