Durga Flourishes

Durga Flourishes

People in the United States celebrate their Independence Day in July, similar to how the people in India celebrate an Independence Day of their own in August.

Last year, children at HoPE Learning Centers celebrated this great holiday in a variety of ways. At Adavathar, children drew maps of India and discussed national leaders who fought for independence.

On this day, teachers noticed how one diligent 7th-grade student named Durga seemed very sad and withdrawn. By taking a personal interest in Durga, they discovered that her alcoholic father had been beating her mother.

Even though they could not change Durga’s difficult home life, her teachers were able to offer counseling and other pathways to independence, and, hence, personal success. They helped her to see that by making good choices and pursuing education she can escape vicious cycles of domestic violence and abuse.

By refocusing her energies on growth and learning, Durga now flourishes in academic performance and feels optimistic about her future.

Today, you can make a historic contribution by helping these bright young people build better futures for themselves. A monthly contribution of only $10 covers all expenses for one precious child. A monthly gift of $350 or a one-time donation of $4,200 helps 40 children like Durga flourish and succeed!