PI School Program Updates During COVID 19

PI School Program Updates During COVID 19

Tripura’s PI School Program for the 2019-2020 academic year completed successfully– reaching over 31,000 children across four states (Goa, Maharashtra, Pune, Sindhudurg in India.)  The program ended just before the Government of India’s mandate to close all schools to prevent the spread of COVID 19. We are currently gathering data, and psychometric post-tests are being scored, tabulated, and processing for analysis by our independent neuropsychologist.

Our PI School Program in the US and Mexico have suspended school sessions in accordance with COVID-19 safety measures issued by the government.  Our PI coordinators are using this time to build online materials that students and parents can access from home.

The global crisis created an urgent need for us to bring our PI program online for the benefit of children all around the world living in poverty, chaos, stressed families from sickness and loss of jobs.  We will be launching our Hope online student community website in the coming days for teens. There will be engaging educational videos about PI, training videos on the PI Intelligent Thinking technique, and student community videos where PI students invite other students to join them in daily PI practice and develop their skills and talents. We will be striving to make the program available in many more languages. Keep an eye out for more details and announcements to come!

We are also offering a free mentoring program for NGOs serving children that would like to be trained to implement PI as a supplementary tool for their children, using the online tools as key resources.

PI is not only a great technique to enhance intelligence, but also powerful in supporting you in times of change and stress. I encourage you and your family members to use the PI technique daily if you find yourself in need of support.

We have used this time of crisis to depend on passion and innovation to now be able to bring PI intelligence-enhancing technology to many more children around the globe. We are fully committed to bringing PI to ALL the children and families across the globe who are experiencing crisis.

Thank you for your generosity and support of our PI School Program. Your support means everything, and especially at this time.