Hats Off to Our Hope Alumni | Examples of Each Child’s Potential Journey of Hope!

Hats Off to Our Hope Alumni | Examples of Each Child’s Potential Journey of Hope!

We are so excited to introduce you to our Hope Alumni in a short video series. As you know, Dr. Pillai started his Hope Learning Center Program over ten years ago and set out to change the lives of the most marginalized children in rural India.

Dr. Pillai not only wanted to help children succeed in their education through Phonemic Intelligence, Personal Transformation lessons, nutrition, and academic coaching but also help children become compassionate and share Hope with communities and the world, creating HoPE – Heaven on Planet Earth.  

Shilpa, Program Director, set up the first Hope Learning Centers in Goa, has taught many children throughout the last ten years and keeps in touch with many on their journey of a new destiny of Hope.

Our hope children, who joined Hope Learning Centers a decade ago, are now pursuing higher studies and employed as professionals.

 “I would like to share how Pratiksha transformed after attending Hope Center. I started Arambol Hope Center in 2012; she was a student from our first batch. Pratiksha was in class 6 when she joined and continued coming to the Hope Center until she completed class 10.

During these years, we supported Pratiksha’s ailing parents with a monthly ration kit and medical support. This offering was the most significant support her parents received as they could not work.

Pratiksha’s academic progress was excellent. She progressed from just passing her exams to being among the top 5 students in her class. Although, as a little girl, she always dreamed of being a doctor, she wanted the poor to receive good medical care as she had seen her parents struggling.

In class 10, she lost her mother; in class 12, she lost her father. Both years were crucial academic years. Our teachers supported her in coming out of the pain and grief. Pratiksha practiced PI regularly, which helped her gain strength and focus on her studies. After her father’s death, she was left alone with her relatives. She fought against all odds and passed her state-level nursing entrance exam. She has completed her internship and is currently posted at Goa Medical College as a trainee nurse.”

“I am happy to present this video and Tanvi’s story to because it shows how Dr. Pillai’s teachings can change lives of the neediest children.

I am so proud of our Hope children not only for their achievements but also because of deep sense of gratitude and respect they have towards Babaji and their sponsors.

Our Hope children are the beacon of light which will bring Heaven on Planet Earth, just the way Babaji wants it to be.”

“We have Rohit to share his incredible journey from being a shy child to becoming a school teacher.

My memories of Rohit at the Hope Center still bring a feeling of being proud, and my appreciation towards him will always remain. 

He always had a dream to take care of his parents and put an end to their struggles. His father worked as a mason, and his mother was a housewife.

Even today, when I speak to Rohit, he shares how every lesson taught at Hope Center is helping him every day. Be it managing his budget, giving his best performance at work, remaining composed and fulfilling his duties as a son, and most importantly, helping children in his neighborhood with daily lessons, so they do well like him. Hope children do well as students but continue to benefit and have life changing experiences.”

 “I want to express with all my heart that Hope Centers is Babaji’s blessing to every child, a blessing that can change everything- their way of living, their thoughts, and an impact that will last forever. I am incredibly thankful to our dear Hope Sponsors and the entire Tripura family for their love and support.”

Shilpa Navenkar, Program Director, Hope Learning Centers

THANK YOU for accompanying Hope children in manifesting a new destiny with Dr. Pillai’s Hope model. Every heartfelt donation, prayer, and love you share helps make a difference in creating Dr. Pillai’s mission of Heaven on Planet Earth.

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