Down To Earth In Arambol

Down To Earth In Arambol

In addition to the many academic and spiritual classes offered at HoPE Learning Centers, students also learn the value of being caretakers of nature and the world around them. Whether at Earth Day celebrations or as part of ecological studies, they literally get their hands dirty while learning to be good stewards of Planet Earth.

These students come from the village of Arambol, a traditional fishing village in the state of Goa on the Arabian Sea. Here they are learning to plant trees. Since they went outside and planted trees of their own, they found the process of research more interesting and fun, so they also went to the library to further research environmental topics and write essays about everything they learned.

HoPE Learning Centers seek to teach students a broad range of essential skills in interesting ways, like utilizing reference materials effectively. They also use activities and games to teach English Language and other academic subjects.

By making a donation to HoPE Learning Centers, you are investing in providing for these children’s essential needs, and opening doors for them to find good careers, build healthy lives, and become stewards and caretakers of a Healthy and HoPEful Planet Earth. A monthly contribution of only $10 covers all expenses for one child. A monthly gift of $350 or a one-time donation of $4,200 helps 40 children become better future stewards and leaders!

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