In Dhiya’s Own Words…

“My name is Dhiya. I am studying 8th grade in Nachiyar Koil. Mr. Jayasankar and Mrs. Amutha are my parents and they are day workers. I have joined the [HoPE Learning} Center and improved my activities and studies. The teachers in the Center are affectionate and they care about every student. HoPE Center cares about… Read More ›

Building Strong Minds & Healthy Bodies

“Intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong.”  — John F. Kennedy Physical fitness is an important aspect of healthy development in growing children. In addition to academic and vocational studies, HoPE Learning Centers also emphasize health and physical fitness. These students at HoPE… Read More ›

Wrapped Up Securely In Love

The Elderly are especially hard hit by the effects of impoverished communities. When even strong young adults must work long hours to scrape by, there is often no one left able to help disabled or invalid elders. It would be challenging to alleviate suffering among this entire group, but there must be a starting point.… Read More ›

United Nations Publishes Tripura Statement on Eradicating Global Poverty

  Tripura Foundation is honored to announce that its statement on poverty and the role Phonemic Intelligence has and continues to play in eradicating poverty was accepted by the United Nations 56th Commission on Social Development (CSocD56). The statement titled, “One of the most critical and sustainable paths out of poverty is education, but education is only… Read More ›

Rajesh Shares Many Talents

Rajesh is a 7th-grade student. Even though he came from a financially disadvantaged background and struggled with severe shyness, after one year at a HoPE Learning Center, he has become a star student with excellent grades. With encouragement and instruction from his teachers, he has grown tremendously, and now is finally becoming confident enough to… Read More ›

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