The Pongal festival (also referred to as Thai Pongal) is a multi-day and annual agricultural celebration observed by the Tamil community. Pongal, a solar festival, honors farmers, community, and gift-giving. While the festival takes place from January 14 – 17, 2021, the children of our Hope Learning Station in Nilgris were ecstatic to celebrate it early.


The children, dressed colorfully in their best, created joyous cards and signs to mark the harvest festival. They organized a gleeful procession where they carried a banner featuring Dr. Pillai (founder of Tripura Foundation) through the streets. They shared sweet Pongal dishes with friends and community-at-large. Though the weather on the mountain took a rainy turn, the children continued the celebration, ending it by playing games, singing songs, and exchanging gifts.




Thanks to the Tripura family, Hope children were able to participate in the food and fun of traditional Pongal celebrations at their Hope Stations this year.

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