Dr Pillai’s Birthday

Dr Pillai’s Birthday

Dr. Pillai’s upcoming birthday on Feb. 1 feels like a very special time to honor and thank him for his infinite love and dedicated efforts this past year to support as many people as possible through this global pandemic.

It touched my heart so deeply to witness daily his ongoing prayers and time spent in meditation working for the welfare of all.  His inspired teachings, techniques and empowerments shared widely on social media have provided vital tools to help people cope with grace.  He is holding profound faith and a vision for the global shift from living a pandemic lifestyle to a new beginning of human evolution.

I feel we can thank Dr. Pillai the most by showing we care about his ultimate goal to end human suffering. That is why he started Tripura Foundation and that is why he works every moment of every day for the fulfillment of this goal.

I invite you to thank Dr. Pillai with a donation of any amount to support our goal of doubling the number of our Hope Stations in India where we deliver true Hope daily to over 4000 underpriveleged children who greatly need our help.

We have so much to be grateful for; let’s share our gratitude with Dr. Pillai and his Hope children in India. And then we enjoy all the blessings of giving, which is far more than receiving!

Love and Light,




Hope Learning Stations serve groups of 15-25 children in rural villages in India that receive little to no support.  Hope Stations help bridge the education gap with one-of-a-kind support that includes academics, nutrition, activities, and Phonemic Intelligence.

Together, we can reach more children at this critical time and help children stay peaceful, calm, confident, and acting as role models and leaders in their communities.


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