Fundraiser Spotlight: Songs of Hope

Fundraiser Spotlight: Songs of Hope

Timmy “Narada” Sarker is a spiritual seeker who stumbled into Dr. Pillai’s teachings in a time of great need, and it created many miracles in Narada’s life. Dr. Pillai’s blessings and empowerment enabled him to create beautiful devotional music, which he has shared with the participants at our Hope Learning Station.

In honor of Dr. Pillai and as a gift for his upcoming birthday, Narada, is raising funds for Tripura Foundation.

This humble offering is a gift to the people touched by Dr. Pillai and his programs. Narada hopes that his fundraising project will help impoverished children and those who need the support of Tripura Foundation the most in South India.

“A year ago, I visited one of the Hope Learning Centers
and got to meet the Hope children first hand. Even though these kids have been subjected to extreme poverty, the radiance in their face and the warmth in their heart is something which I will never forget. I humbly offer my devotional music so that it can uplift you, and also help transform the lives of these kids!”

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