Top 10 Reasons to Sponsor a HoPE Center

Top 10 Reasons to Sponsor a HoPE Center

Tripura Foundation has been seeking sponsors for 17 HoPE Learning Centers in Southern India.  Many of you have jumped at the opportunity, and we are thrilled to report that success continues to grow, as 7 centers have been fully sponsored for the remainder of the year!

That leaves just 10 centers requiring a monthly sponsorship.  Donate just $350 each month to care for, feed, educate, and provide other basic essentials.  400 children are still counting on the miracle of our support.

Why is it important to donate today and sponsor a HoPE Learning Center? We’re glad you asked.


A lesson is underway at our Guruvarajpet HoPE Center

1. You will directly impact 40 children’s lives.

That’s how many children we are able to serve at each HoPE Learning Center. Provide them with a safe place to nourish their bodies, cultivate their minds, and discover their own self-worth.

This boy is all smiles at our Varthagan Street HoPE Learning Center

2. Your contribution goes straight to the children.

Tripura Foundation operates with extremely low overhead expenses. Studies show that Americans believe not-for-profit organizations should spend no more than 23% of funds on overheard. At Tripura, we strive to keep our operating costs under 20%. In fact, we are able to provide four mini-meals for HoPE Center children with just a $1 contribution. Our work is truly a labor of love and the vast majority of all donations go directly to the communities we serve.

3. Get to know the children through monthly reports

Learn about the 40 children benefiting from your generosity through customized reports created just for you. We’ll send them through email every month so you can track your children’s progress and follow along with their lessons and activities.

Students display awards in front of their sponsor banner in Pallagunta

 4. Your personal banner will be hung at the HoPE Center.

As their sponsor, the children will be naturally curious about you. The banner allows them to put a face and name the the one providing them with a daily reprieve from the extreme poverty in which they live.

5.  You’ll receive daily prayers from the children.

Of all the benefits you receive from sponsoring a HoPE Center, this one means the most. Every day, 40 children will pray for your well-being. Though they can’t travel to meet you in person, their daily prayers will reach you and rest in your heart.

Our youngsters celebrate Diwali with their village elders

Sponsor a HoPE Center now!

6.  Recurring donations prevent any disruption of our HoPE Center’s services.

While we gratefully accept donations at any time throughout the year, your recurring HoPE Center sponsorship serves as the lifeblood of Tripura’s work serving 4,040 children in impoverished communities. By sponsoring one or more centers for just $350 per center, you’ll ensure the community’s peace of mind that the children are taken care of by Tripura Foundation.

An evening snack is the perfect way to end the day at our Thangachimadam HoPE Center

7.  Donating to a worthy cause could improve your health.

Several studies suggest that giving is good for you, and may promote health benefits such as stress relief, lower blood pressure, and longevity of life. There’s no denying the power of positive thoughts and deeds in our lives. What better way to confirm this than by sponsoring a HoPE Learning Center?

8.  Visit your HoPE Center at any time.

If you are able to, we welcome sponsors to actually come and visit their HoPE Center and meet the children face to face. Visiting your sponsored children is a powerful way to truly understand the impact your gift has on the lives of our HoPE children.

9.  Be a part of a Story of Hope.

You’ve likely followed Tripura Foundation’s progress for some time now, and have read many of our stories of HoPE featured in our newsletters. Rather than simply reading one of these stories, sponsoring a HoPE Center allows you to actually be an integral part of one.

HoPE Center children go on a field trip to a museum.

10.  The Children Need YOU.

We could go on and on about the importance of giving and the tangible benefits of becoming a sponsor. But when it comes down to it, the simple fact of the matter is that these children need you. As much as their parents struggle to provide the basic necessities of life for these kids, the unfortunate reality is that it just can’t happen. There isn’t enough money. There isn’t enough food. There isn’t enough time to go to school. Children living in extreme poverty can’t rely on their families to provide for them. Instead, they are often forced to work at a young age in order to help feed their families. Our programs help break the overwhelming cycle of poverty. These children rely on Tripura’s HoPE Centers. And our HoPE Centers rely on you.

Become a sponsor today.