A Challenging Life for Children

A Challenging Life for Children

If you’re a parent, an aunt, an uncle, or someone with a special child in your life, then you know there is no greater joy in the world than holding a newborn baby in your arms. For most people in the world, it is a reminder that life holds limitless possibilities and that every day can serve as a fresh start.

Young children in impoverished communities aren’t guaranteed access to the basic necessities we take for granted every day.

But what if that potential didn’t exist for your child? What if, when you looked down into your child’s eyes, you instead saw a never-ending struggle to get food and clothing? Or the very real possibility that you’d have to send your child to do manual labor instead of to school, just to help put food on the table?

The harsh reality is that this heartbreaking situation occurs every day for parents all over the world. In India alone, 48 million children between the ages of 6 and 14 do not attend school.

But the tide is changing with your help!

Hope: exactly what you’ll guarantee these children when you sponsor a HoPE Learning Center.

Thanks to your donations to  Tripura Foundation, we currently operate 101 HoPE Centers where we teach 4,040 children and provide 95,000 meals each month.

As of this week, we are still working hard to find sponsors for the remaining 10 unfunded HoPE Learning Centers needed to provide care, food, and education for an additional 400 children.

If you haven’t signed up to become a monthly sponsor yet, we implore you to click the donate button now. A contribution of just $350 each month will provide all the basic necessities, care, and community for 40 amazing children.

Put yourself in their parents’ shoes. By sponsoring one center, you’ll not only save these children, you’ll also save their families. While their mother and father may not have the ability to break themselves out of poverty, you can empower an entire generation to set out on a new path to self-sufficiency.  Sponsor a HoPE Center Now!