Thousands Abandoned and Live Without HoPE

Thousands Abandoned and Live Without HoPE

When we told you about the neglect and extreme poverty that elders living in India’s rural villages were experiencing, you responded with kindness.

Like the HoPE Learning Centers children that devised this program, you recognized the need and took action.

Because of your generous support we were able to care for 65 elders in 11 regions.  Elders such as Adirammiah and Chandra received food, clothing, medical care, and basic necessities.

You are a true HoPE Hero.

Short-Term Goals, Long-Term Vision

This is just the beginning. There is still much work to be done and we cannot do it alone.

We are able to care for 65 village elders a month, but there are still thousands who have been abandoned and who live without hope. We want to reach all of them.

Please consider making a recurring monthly donation of $40 or more to support our continued efforts.

Our immediate goal is to increase our reach and assistance to 85 elders a month.

Your monthly gift will help us do just that. One hundred percent of donations will be used to expand and enhance our existing HoPE For The Elderly program.

The Difference Only You Can Make

Your monthly donation of $40 will provide daily meals, new apparel, and medicine such as cough syrup and pain relieving gel. Donations above $40 help us do even more!

So, for less than $1.50 a day you will be able to connect a destitute elderly person with a village of compassionate children and help us reach our goal of caring for 85 elders a month.

Will you help us not only meet this goal, but exceed it?