Self Portraits Reveal Many Truths

Self Portraits Reveal Many Truths


Self portraits reveal many inner truths about individuals, even ones who are very young.

Sasikala is a student of HoPE Learning Center in Mullikarumbur, India. She is a very serious young person, who often keeps silent in class.  She shared a drawing depicting herself performing household chores because her father is an alcoholic and her mother must work to earn their daily bread, so Sasikala takes care of the home and her family by cooking, cleaning and washing the clothes.

Thanks to the involvement of her teacher, Sasikala has learned the importance of self care and diligent study. She dreams that one day she will work for a good company, and will therefore be able to care for her parents in their senior years in greater ease.  She has been working to learn as much as she can with her heart focused upon important goals.

Her classmate Karthik also has career aspirations, as he demonstrated within a fine drawing of himself busy at work as a proud builder.

Sometimes revealing inner truths through simple class projects can fill  kids with hope for better futures and can make huge differences that motivate them to higher achievements.  These bright young people can now envision futures beyond the poverty and lacks that they have experienced in childhood. Plus, the academic skills and worldly knowledge they have learned at HoPE Learning Centers will equip them with valuable tools to help them turn visions into achievable goals.

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