New Opportunities For Abinaya

New Opportunities For Abinaya

Abinaya is a 7th grade student from Pachapalayam, a village in the Coimbatore District of Tamil Nadu. She attends a HoPE Learning Center with her brother and four sisters.

While many kids her age would rather play in the streets, Abinaya likes going to school and attending HoPE Learning Center afterwards. She says that both are great places to meet new people where her hunger for learning can be satiated. Her HoPE Center teacher affirms “Abinaya is an incredibly bright young lady with an extraordinary passion for learning new things.”

Coimbatore has been sustained by textile manufacturing and cotton production since the early 19th century, but a recent boom in education and software industries is bringing new jobs to the city. With good education, kids like Abinaya will have the opportunity to obtain better jobs than their parents ever had. HoPE Learning Centers help keep these kids focused and give them what they need in order to succeed.

Poverty is a major problem in Pachapalayam and in other areas of India, but with the foundation provided at HoPE Learning Centers; these kids may finally be able to break free from generational cycles to build vibrant careers and families of their own.

Can you find it in your heart to transform the life of at least one hopeful young person by making a contribution to HoPE Learning Centers? Even a very small monthly donation of $9 can help keep valuable resources (like HoPE) available.