See The Bright Children of Rameshwaram’s Hope Center, Thanks to Dr Pillai

Recently, a small group of Dr Pillai students were blessed to attend a Tripura Foundation charity fundraiser on the island of Rameshwaram, Dr. Pillai’s birthplace, and also the greatest karma busting vortex on the earth plane.

The trip was also like a mini-Ambassadors of HopeTrip because Dr.Pillai’s students visited one of the Hope Centers on Rameshwaram and shared their love and compassion with the Hope Center children there who were part of the poor Rameshwaram fishing community.
These children had really nothing to their name other than the shirts on their back, but their enthusiasm and desire to learn and become better people, thanks to the benefit of Dr.Pillai’s Phonemic Intelligence teachings, was endearing.
The Hope Center children in their classroom
The children were shy at first but once our unofficial “Ambassadors of Hope” started interacting and playing games with them, the children transformed into enthusiastic bundles of joy.
Ambassadors of Hope

We introduced the children to a little acting competition (thanks to a special effects app on the iPad) in which the children, along with one of our Ambassadors, had to act as if they were caught in an avalanche and were trying to escape.

As these children came from a remote fishing community, they had never seen an iPad before and what how it could conjure fantastic Hollywood type effects.

But once the children saw a demonstration, all of them couldn’t wait for their group’s turn participate and act out in a Hollywood special effects movie!

Here is one of the groups acting with our Henky:

By the time we had to leave, wonderful bonds of love and affection had formed between the Ambassadors and the Hope Center children.
The photographs below say it all!
Ambassadors distributing a well-deserved meal
Our Ambassadors with the HoPE Center children
Thanks to Donors and Dr. Pillai.