Meet the Girl Who Turned Fear into Courage

Pratisksha BEFORE Joining HoPE Learning Center

Pratisksha AFTER Joining HoPE Learning Center

Pratiksha has been at top of her class for the last two years since joining her local HoPE Learning Center. She aspires to be a doctor and serve the poor. A recent experience made her change her goal from teacher to doctor, when her family went through tremendous problems when her mother was ill and they couldn’t afford the medicine she needed, plus doctor’s fees.

Pratiksha and her Mom Before HoPE

Pratiksha and her Parents After HoPE

This last photo shows Pratiksha delivering rations to her parents under MILLION MEALS OF HOPE. Remarkable change is seen not only in Pratiksha, but also her parents. HoPE Learning Centers have not transformed only children but their families too. Pratiksha’s parents are unemployed and often fall ill, so they depend on her and Tripura Foundation to survive.

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