Mrs. Sudha Enjoys Spending Time With Hope Children- Hope Teacher Spotlight

Mrs. Sudha Enjoys Spending Time With Hope Children- Hope Teacher Spotlight

Mrs. Sudha, Ayilapettai Hope Station Staff, Trichy Zone

Mrs. Sudha of Ayilapettai has been working as a member of the Hope staff for the past four years, and her responsibility and dedication are extraordinary. She says, “I love the teaching profession because every single day, I can make a difference for children living below the poverty line at Ayilapettai.” As a native of the village, Mrs. Sudha is able to interact effectively with the children while having an understanding of some of the problems they face. 

Mrs. Sudha had long been desiring to be an educator, saying with a smile, “Working as a teacher has made my dreams come true, for I craved to work as a teacher from my school days.”

Before teaching at Hope Learning Station, Mrs. Sudha’s priority was managing her household. But because she so desperately wanted to give back to her community, she was able to secure part-time employment as a teacher. This way,  with the full support of her family, she has managed to balance both responsibilities of home and work life.

Even during the Pandemic Mrs. Sudha has been happy to work at Hope Learning Station. While schools are closed, it has been so important for her to support children in continued learning, especially since children do not have any facilities available to them to attend online classes. Mrs. Sudha simply could not sit back and watch the children spend their quality time in front of the television screen and get off track in academics.

At the Hope Learning Station, Mrs. Sudha helps children to get the best out of all of their activities. She helps them with their regular academics, as well as provides them with proper sanitization and social distancing practices. The children are quite attached to her, as she is a caring and motivating personality. 

Mrs. Sudha has a knack for creative craftworks and enjoys spending time with children by talking to them and listening to their stories and difficulties. When the children are asked about their mentor, they say, “Our teacher teaches every topic in a very fun and engaging way, relating it to day to day life. She also gives us activities and keeps us occupied and lively during class hours.”

The love and care Mrs. Sudha provides to the children make every day at Hope Learning Station a fun-filled time and an engaging place to be.

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