Devishree Dreams Of Becoming A Teacher – Hope Child Spotlight

Devishree Dreams Of Becoming A Teacher – Hope Child Spotlight

Miss. Devishree, Ayillapettai Hope Learning Station, Trichy

Devishree studies with Class 9 at the Ayillapettai Government School in Trichy. She has been a high school student for the past three years. She belongs to an economically low-income family, and her father has been without work since the onslaught of Covid19, so Devishree sells flowers every evening at the temple nearby as a way to supplement income for her family. 

Devishree tries to do all the projects given to her at the Hope Learning Station, likes to plan her daily activities before starting them, and enjoys helping others. Her good memory allows her to recite Tamil poems, a hobby that is encouraged by her mentor at Hope Learning Station. Last year at a school science exhibition, she created a model describing Newton’s Third Law, which was well appreciated by all. Her model earned her first prize. She participated in the Guide Camp conducted in Chennai last year and won third prize in the Group State Level consisting of 8 members. 

Devishree proved to be strong in academics,  scoring high marks in both her first and second term exams, which secured her second-place rank in school. She attends Hope high school classes regularly, crediting yoga and Phonemic Intelligence in helping her focus on her studies. In August, she participated in the “Online Guide Quiz Exam” and got 100/100, receiving a certificate for her excellence. Her goal is to become a teacher so that she can help create a more cohesive student community in the future.

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