Kalpana Cares & Shares Hope

Kalpana is a student in 8thStandard class who attends the Guruvarajpet Hope Learning Center in Tamil Nadu, India.

She writes, “I am the first child who is going to school in the history of my family. My father is a launderer and his income is low.  I love dancing, and, with others’ encouragement, I might be able to improve my dancing skills. Yoga and Phonemic Intelligence have helped me to score good academic marks and improve my memory.”

One of the most important lessons Kalpana talks about is how she learned to share with others in need.  When she became aware of poverty and hunger, she began reaching out to senior citizens in her village.

As people around the world celebrate this winter season of giving, most of us know that in some ways we are blessed and have at least some means to share. One of the most wonderful gifts to give is the Gift of Educationbecause it empowers children to grow into contributing members of their communities.

Help us help these children to thrive and succeed. What you share will go toward training and support for both students and teachers throughout the school year. Sponsor a child for just $10 per month or an entire Hope Learning Center for $350 per years!