We Can Feed Our Future Leaders!

We Can Feed Our Future Leaders!

  • Surenthar aspires to become a teacher to educate the children in his village when he grows up.
  • Pradeepa excels in Biology and would like to become a doctor so she can help heal people who are ill and poor.
  • Kishore is shy but very grateful for friends and endeavors to one day become a policeman.

So, what do these three children have in common in addition to being potential future leaders? They are happy, fulfilled children who now thrive within HoPE Learning Centers! Yet, up until recently, they had something in common with 66 million other children – they often attended classes while hungry.

Childhood hunger often leads to stunting (restricted height), wasting (lessened height to weight ratios, and restricted abilities to learn and thrive. Worse, 3.1 million children die from acute hunger each year!

On the plus side, we at Tripura Foundation annually serve almost a million mini-meals to poor children at our HoPE Learning Centers. Many of these children otherwise subsist on watery rice, so the mini-meals offer more in quantity and nutrition than the rest of their food during the remainder of their day.

Sponsor a HoPE Center child for only 30 cents a day ($9 a month) or an entire HoPE Learning Center for $360 a month. Your modest contribution will uplift the lives and destinies of our future leaders!