"Every day when you wake up, don't just be thinking about your own bank account. You should dedicate yourself and your life to selfless service. The more selfless service you do, the more successful you will become.” – Dr. Pillai

Dr. Pillai has spoken extensively on the subject of selfless service.  In fact, he dedicates his entire life to acts of selfless service – what a shining example we can all live by!

He says, “When you are selfish, you have boundaries. When you are Selfless, the boundaries are broken and you become Universal, all becomes yours. If you want the maximum results, do not be selfish.”

In other words, support, help and give to others without expectation of reward.

“With selflessness you won’t lose everything. You have to understand; it means you become unlimited, you become aware of God vs. having a small identity. The human tendency is to think, ‘Why should I have to give?’ You think of yourself all the time.”

Begin to have a broader view.  Instead of “What’s in it for me?” begin to ask “How can I help?”  Instead of feeling entitled to this or that, think of another person who is, right now, going without the most basic amenities you and I often take for granted.

Dr. Pillai goes on to say: “This idea is not new. When he left, Jesus said, ‘Do everything in my name and I will do for you.’”

How do we go about making a shift in a society that has become so self-absorbed?

Dr. Pillai suggests: “We need an education system that teaches you right from the start to be selfless, so people are geared to not develop a small identity but a Universal identity. Then people will think, “Primarily I’m unlimited consciousness, I’m Divine. I may do accounting work, but that’s a skill, a vocation. Primarily I’m involved in the evolutionary process for this planet.”

We must realize that, first and foremost, we are each involved in and responsible for the evolutionary process of our planet Earth.

“Things will change and miracles will happen. Human beings are just not used to it happening. In the Golden Age the only feeling is bliss; happiness for everyone. It is only when you want to hold onto everything for yourself that problems will come. All will be changed, human consciousness will be changed. That will happen through the death of ego (limited identity).”

“Human beings will become Universal. They will still have an ego, but it will be the Universal ego. Then, you will not just be confined to your mind/body/soul, but to the entire universe. Then you are Divine and Heaven on Earth becomes a reality.”

Thank you most sincerely for doing your part to help us make Heaven on Planet Earth (HoPE) possible.

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