Surya is in the 7th grade and attends a HoPE Learning Center in her village of Pudhunagar.  She has long been interested in sports and games and won many prizes in athletic competition, but, until recently, she was not interested in academic studies. 

Like many children her age, Surya struggled with grammar and spelling, which was frustrating and she easily became discouraged with class work.  Yet, thanks to the efforts of her mentor Ms. Indumathi, she has finally learned to focus on studies and her writing skills have improved a great deal. 

Surya has also learned how to resolve differences with the other kids and how to avoid quarrels among friends.  Her teachers are pleased to see such a significant transformation during the year she has attended HoPE Learning Center. They  praise her improved self-control and discipline.  Recent success has made her more confident and she now eagerly awaits the results of exams.

In addition to academic tutoring, HoPE Learning Center children are also learn career options, practical life skills and social networking. The HoPE Learning Center at Pudhunagar is made possible by the generous contribution of an individual sponsor.  Please consider becoming a sponsor for a HoPE Learning Center or a child who attends one.  This great kindness can change lives!