Student Spotlight: Kayalvizhi Sings Songs of Hope

Student Spotlight: Kayalvizhi Sings Songs of Hope

For the past three years, Kayalvizhi has been a Hope Learning Station (HLS) student from Class 9. She and her two siblings come from a humble family. Her father Velmurugan is a fisherman, while her mother, Dhana Backiyam, is a homemaker.

Kayalvizhi’s HLS mentor recalls when Kayalvizhi first joined the program, saying she had been a timid girl who had never spoken to anyone other than her family members and was having difficulty making friends. Over time, she was able to overcome her shyness and fear, and this helped her to get to know her potential. Now she is a talented singer who aspires to serve her community in a greater capacity.

Kayalvizhi is an incredibly responsible young woman, taking care of her family and siblings after attending school. She helps with her sibling’s studies as well as their homework, in addition to helping her mother with household activities. She says that being enrolled at Tripura Foundation’s Hope Learning Station motivates and guides her to a great extent, giving her a better opportunity to build towards her future. She says her happiest memories come from her time at the HLC, and for this she is grateful. She is a bright student and wishes to raise herself in life to become an advocate to serve disenfranchised people in society.

This month, we celebrate International Women’s Day and acknowledge the hard-working single moms and their daughters who are beating the odds. Together, we can empower young girls to know their worth and strive to accomplish even their biggest dreams.

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