“My name is Dhiya. I am studying 8th grade in Nachiyar Koil. Mr. Jayasankar and Mrs. Amutha are my parents and they are day workers. I have joined the [HoPE Learning} Center and improved my activities and studies. The teachers in the Center are affectionate and they care about every student. HoPE Center cares about the children and motivates us to reach our life’s ambitions. We practice the yoga and Phonemic Intelligence. I am proud of these HoPE students and my aim is to become a lawyer and be of service to people.”

Dhiya’s HoPE Learning Center in Nachiyarkoil provides classes to fifty students who live in nearby villages.  Mrs. Saranya and Ms. Durga teach fulltime. Mrs. Sathiya, a yoga master, teaches yoga to the children three days per week. Many of the children aspire to careers in public service, inspired by the community-mindedness exemplified by their teachers.

You can also play an important part in these children’s lives through direct sponsorship. Your support helps us pay teachers and buy supplies so that all of the Centers will remain as resources to the villages they serve.