Our crew has got the rhythm down now for shopping, chopping, cooking, packing and distributing the hot nutritious meals that HoPE on Wheels delivers weekly to Chennai’s less fortunate.  There are many slums or pockets of hutments that are erected in any space available in residential, commercial or industrial sectors in the city.

We don’t forget the single wanderers who roam about the streets on their own picking through garbage and sleeping on the pavement.  It takes longer to drive around in rush hour traffic but to hand them a hot delicious meal at dinner time is well worth the effort.

The people are so happy to receive their packets of egg briyani as their food is usually a bit of polished rice with a watery, salty ‘rasam’ mixed in.    Our chef is a qualified chef who uses fresh hand picked vegetables and fresh eggs, mixes it with love and makes it 5 star quality.

There is an Indian Archetype called ‘Karuppa Swamy’ who is the icon of the villages.  People say that he doesn’t want a fancy temple of his own but his desire is to care for his people by feeding them.  This feeding was in honor of this Protector of the People.

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