Sounds for Hope US

By Alice Moore

I suffered a great deal in my youth from anxiety and fear. This directly affected my studies in a negative way. I was not able to concentrate. My mind was always somewhere else. I would daydream to comfort myself or find myself caught in fear in my mind. My ability to succeed in certain subjects was blocked by these challenges. I was elated to learn as an adult that my challenges could be alleviated and eliminated by changing the condition of my brain. I learned that there were parts of the brain that could get stronger and over time, solve the problems of overwhelm and anxiety.

In my first experiences with practicing Phonemic Intelligence’s brain-strengthening exercises, I immediately felt calmer and more focused in the present moment.These discoveries have lead to my passion for sharing the Phonemic Intelligence brain changing education with as many students as possible, especially those students suffering in school.

I have the great joy of my job being: sharing these simple and profound brain- changing exercises with students all over the US. I get to watch students (and teachers!) change and grow as they become empowered by a balanced whole brain state.

What’s even more exciting is the proven science behind these experiences. The facts are the facts! Neuroscientists and doctors continue to explain what exactly is happening in the brain and why regular practice of these sound exercises makes us feel better. In addition to the scientifically proven facts we have the experience that it works.

Our science based tools strengthen the anterior cingulate with enhances compassion and empathy.

There was one student recently who made me laugh and warmed my heart.  She is a 2nd grader and has a 4 year old little brother who tends to always hit her. She told me she practiced the brain exercise at home with him in the room and he calmed down. She reported: “He is not hitting me anymore!”

Our exercise does more than just focus the person who is practicing and this is the experience we have in the classrooms. Even those who don’t participate are positively affected by the practice.

My heart is also deeply moved by a high school student who seemed the most resistant and unlikely to participate in the exercise. He sat in the back of the room, with anger on his face, at least it seemed. He did not seem alert or interested. For some reason he became willing to participate and after practice of the exercise he looked at me with bright eyes. He shared that he definitely was skeptical and didn’t think it would work at all, but was happy to feel a “deep sense of calm inside” that he doesn’t usually feel. He said he felt clear and awake. He was surprised and said he looked forward to trying it again.

These are only a few of the positive daily responses I hear from students, teachers and from our Phonemic Intelligence Champion Volunteers around the globe. There are hundreds of stories of people healing and strengthening their ability to learn.

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