Celebrate Principals, Teachers and Volunteers who truly are dedicated to the best interests of their students

Sounds for Hope US
By Alice Moore

One of our star pilots this year is at Hope Rural School in Indiantown, Florida  US. This pilot was started by Dr. Becky Prostko and Brent Cooper, along with assistance from Mary Ann Unger, Jodie Hartshorne, Rosemary Murphy and Dot Vanderhoff- our Phonemic Intelligence Volunteer Champions in Florida.

We are proud to be working with this progressive school that serves primarily children of migrant workers and fosters values of justice and love. This special school not only strives to educate the children, but also the parents of the students. Their commitment of over 25 years is inspiring!

The Principal of this school agrees with us: giving students tools to strengthen their brains, especially the anterior cingulate, is a powerful gift!

150 students (grades preK-5th grade) and 10 teachers are practicing our core brain strengthening technique every day in the morning before their lessons begin. Teachers report that the less than 10-minute sound exercise has been easy to implement and the students love it.

These brain-changing exercises literally balance both hemispheres of the brain and create an environment for peace and calm, allowing learning to be easier and more effective.

Another star pilot is in Northern California at Dunsmuir Elementary School, Dunsmuir, California started by our Phonemic Intelligence Volunteer Champions: Betsy Hibbits, Sarah Burns and Marrio Romero.


We are proud to partner with teacher Tony Garcia and Principal Helen Herd, and each of the teachers practicing with their students. Many of these children have economic and emotional challenges that affect their ability to learn at school.

These teachers, schools and volunteers are the pioneers out in the field, hands on, experiencing the effects of Phonemic Intelligence. We always ask the students how they feel after they practice the exercise and we hear the most encouraging and amazing responses.

After practicing with the students on a recent visit, to Dunsmuir Elementary a 3rd grade boy responded to our question: “How do you feel, now?” He exclaimed: “I feel excited, because I have a lot of things to do in my life!”  I personally have never heard a 3rd grader say that with such enthusiasm and it was inspiring to learn that this student had a broader perspective and a true sense of hope.

A 5th grade student expresses: “I’m going to start practicing the exercise before I read because I have a lot of thoughts when I read.” When we asked what she meant, she said she had trouble concentrating while reading because there were too may thoughts in her mind, she was distracted all the time and could not focus. This was my experience as a child-reading comprehension was difficult because of so many thoughts in my head and seems to be a common experience for students.

Our experience of practicing the exercise is that thoughts and anxiety slows down (the activity of the amygdala, slows down) and calm and clarity is the most common response as the anterior cingulate is activated.

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