In India, the well-being of the elderly people has been ignored for a long time. They need your help. Make a donation here.

They were strong enough to carry another human in their womb for nine months. Strong enough to raise a child until he or she goes to school. Strong enough to labor to support their children’s education. But now, that strength is no longer there. Who will take care of the elderly in their time of need?

This situation is one of grave suffering. Some of them can only afford to eat once a day or not at all. They can’t buy medicine for the ailments that come with their advanced age.  The worst pain they feel is of being neglected by the people they trust to support them in their time of weakness. Often, their own children may not have enough means to support them.

We are on a mission to change that. You can help us make sure the elders who have no one else to turn to receive the support they need.

70 Year Old Abolished from Home

Let’s take a look at Grandma Kalavatidevi Amarnath Yadav. At 70 years old and out of strength, she needed the care and love of her children. They had other plans. Her son and grandson tried to force her into signing her home over to them by beating her hand with a hammer.

After she refused to sign, they abolished her from her own home.  She wandered the streets for days fearing for her life.

Grandma Kalavatidevi Amarnath Yadav after reporting the incident at the local police station.

The Elderly in India Need Heroes.
That Hero Could be You.

Her story is not unique. Elderly men in India are also ousted from their own homes by their children. It’s a horrific and tragic epidemic.
By donating just $40 a month (or any other amount), you can give the elderly in India a reason to smile again.

Tripura Foundation provides food, provide basic medical treatment, shelter and hope to the elders. We aim to improve their lives. To make their lives better. To provide comfort and compassion.

Help us by donating $40 a month (or any other amount) to care for them.

We are currently able to care for a selected number of Elders. There are thousands that still need our help.

Other elders like Periyandi are living in mud homes in extreme conditions.