Hello everyone,

Just today, Dr. Pillai shared his dream for Phonemic Intelligence (PI), his brain-based educational technology that has already transformed the lives of over 55,000 children worldwide in public schools in the US, Mexico and India and our 101 Tripura HoPE Centers in India.

Dr. Pillai’s vision is that PI will change the entire world.

On His birthday, Feb. 1st, Dr. Pillai is going to launch a new program at his place of birth, Rameshwaram. Beyond the 12 HoPE Centers in Rameshwaram, Dr. Pillai wants to bring the PI school program to all the children of this special island. As he expresses his gratitude to Rameshwaram, let us express our gratitude for Dr. Pillai.

For Dr. Pillai’s birthday, let’s all join together in giving him a gift and participate in his dream to launch this new program to bring PI to all the children of his birth place, and lay the foundation to change the entire world with his intelligence-enhancing technology.

A donation of any amount will help us bring PI to as many children as possible this year- the most deserving children in need on the remote island of Rameshwaram.

Hear Dr. Pillai Share His Dream by Clicking the Audio Player

Thank you so much for your help and support for Dr. Pillai’s dream.

Love and Light,