Date: Sunday, April 24
Time: 8 AM EDT  (www.timeanddate.com for time zone calculator)
Call in Number for Live Call:  (760)569-7676
Access Code: 902673#

Please Note: Call will be recorded
Playback Number:
Access Code: 902673#


Are you feeling like you would like to do something positive and proactive to bring healing to the people, lands, plants and animals recently affected by natural disasters or other unrest?

Join us in holding hands, sending light and love, and raising voices in song- together, we can create a tangible energy of love and peace on this planet.

Since Wednesday, March 16th, Pillai Center and Tripura Foundation have joined together to host a daily prayer ceremony for Global Love and Peace.  The daily ceremony is conducted at our Pillai Retreat Center in San Diego, a vortex of love and peace.

We invite you to join us for our monthly Global Call for Love and Peace for April, as we come together on a conference call and pray together, fill ourselves with Grace Light, and transmit light to all in need of healing.  Our monthly Global Call for Love and Peace is our way of sharing our daily ceremony with everyone, and creating an even more powerful vortex of Love and Peace for healing the planet. This is non-denominational, and all are welcome.

Testimonial About the March Global Call for Love and Peace:

“The Global Call for Love and Peace was a god-send.  It was the most high, peaceful, heart-centered and utterly serene moments I’ve felt since the disasters in Japan started.  In everyday life, I hear people talk about the worsening situation, shake their heads and feel overwhelmed.  On this call, we were led into light-filled, peaceful, purposeful and powerful realms of our inner world to make a difference in the outer world.  It felt so real, so tangible- I know an impact was made with our collective prayers.  Beginning with us, we definitely are the change we want to see in the world!”

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Love, Light, Peace and Healing HoPE,
Team Tripura HoPE